iPad stand from a DVD case

This is a quick and easy project which should take about 10 minutes. 


You can find lots of tutorials for this online. This is how I do it. You will need….



…a DVD case, a pair of scissors, a knife and some ribbon or string.Pic2


I prefer a clear DVD case but you can use a coloured one if you like. Whatever rocks your world.


Just make sure it has holes on the closing clasp. Otherwise you’ll have to make holes yourself and THAT’S the type of thing that will put you off doing this. So, make it easy on yourself and get a case with holes already in it.


Use your knife to remove the clear plastic sheet from the outside of DVD case and discard the sheet.


Cut yourself a length of ribbon (or string, if you’re using it). About 30cm should be enough, you’ll be able to trim it when you’ve finished putting the stand together.


Now fold the case outside/in – the opposite way to how you would normally close the case. You’re going to be working in the middle there, between the two sides of the DVD case.


From the between the two sides, thread one end of the ribbon through the centre hole of the disc holder and tie a knot to secure it, leaving both ends of the ribbon sitting in what is now the ‘inside’ of the stand.


Now thread the other end of the ribbon through the clasp hole, using the ribbon to pull the two sides of the DVD case together so that it stands upright. Tie a loose knot so you can test the position. It should look something like this…


Ok, this is the slightly tricky bit. Gently push the two prongs through the holes so that they form a ledge on the outside of your stand for your iPad to sit in. Notice I said gently. If you push too hard they will snap off.



See. Don’t do this. It’s just annoying.

You might want to try lodging a wooden spoon handle or something in there to encourage them to stretch out.

Here’s one I had to restart after I snapped the prongs off my first one prepared earlier.


At this point you might want to try it out for size. Put your iPad in it and see if you’re happy with the angle.


Adjust the ribbon accordingly and then, once you’re happy to commit, tighten the knot and trim off the excess.


And now you’re done.


You don’t have to just view your iPad in landscape mode. You can totally sit your iPad in the stand portrait style as well. Just turn the iPad, not the stand. Enjoy.

Author: homemade and humble

Hi, I'm Ana. Welcome to my blog. I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my partner in a little cottage on a hill. We are working to build a life free from the rat-race, where we get to design our days around spending time together, enjoying good food and hunting for treasures for our home. We are both homebodies and prefer homemaking and cooking to outdoor pursuits and sport. This is where I share stories of our experiences as we set our course for a life full of warmth, comfort and beauty. I hope you enjoy it.

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