How to remove stubborn labels from jars

I like to reuse old food jars but I like them to look pretty. Sometimes those pesky labels just want to ‘stick around’ so here’s how I get rid of them using peanut butter.


First of all, submerge the jar in enough hot tap water to cover the label. Let the water run inside the jar so that the heat can soften the adhesive from both inside and outside.


A minute or so should do it depending on how strong the adhesive is.

Remove the jar from the water (or if you’re doing this in the sink, you can keep it in the water, it doesn’t really matter) and scrape off what you can of the label.


Now, take the jar out of the water and spread some peanut butter on the label/adhesive. You don’t have to the dry the jar and you want it to still be warm.


Depending on the brand of peanut butter you use and how many jars you have, this could get kind of expensive (which kind of defeats the purpose here) so go easy on the peanut butter. I’ve used less than half a teaspoon on this jar.

Then, using a cloth and/or your scraper, scrub off the label.


You don’t have to scrub hard. It comes off pretty easily, just keep wetting the cloth as you need to.

Rinse the jar clean and you’re good to go.


I used this particular jar to store matches. I cut the flint strip from the matchbox and taped it to the inside of the lid – way nicer than a matchbox, plus I can see when I’m running out.


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