Wellington Vegan Food Market

The vegan movement is rapidly gaining traction in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Vegan Vault was launched in April 2017 by Kristine Bartley of Sweet Release Treats and Cakes. It was her vision to provide a food market where people who were vegan and/or dairy free could be confident that anything they wanted to try was going to meet their dietary needs.

I visited the September Vegan Vault with my boys Charlie and Louis. You can check it out here.


Do you have similar food markets in your area? How do they compare?


Author: homemade and humble

My name is Ana. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I am married. My husband has a teenage son who lives with us and our dog. I have an adult son who lives away from home and he looks after my two cats. I run my own consultancy business and I spend a lot of my spare time cooking vegan food, homemaking and trying to live a frugal life. I am an introvert and my idea of bliss is hanging out at home with my husband and cooking in the kitchen while he potters around in the garden.

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