5 vegan ‘comfort food’ recipes I tweaked that turned out great

I treat a recipe as a guide and I am not averse to substituting, adjusting or even omitting ingredients to accommodate what I have on hand or to suit my taste. Some call it ‘creative cooking’, I call it ‘cooking by feel’.  Here are 5 ‘comfort food’ recipes I tweaked with fabulous results.  Continue reading “5 vegan ‘comfort food’ recipes I tweaked that turned out great”

5 tips for rehoming your beloved dog

I recently had to rehome my dog Rory and it was so hard. I was absolutely besotted with him and extremely reluctant to let him go. However, my circumstances had changed and it became clear that I was not going to be able keep him. If you ever find yourself in this situation and struggling with it, here are 5 tips for working through the process of rehoming your dog. Continue reading “5 tips for rehoming your beloved dog”

5 experience gift ideas for Christmas that don’t cost lots of money

Christmas is coming which means…. GIFTS. If you want to give gifts that connect with your recipient, think about giving an experience rather than a thing. Here are five of my favourite ideas to create the warm, fuzzy feeling we all want to express and feel when connecting with the people we care about. Continue reading “5 experience gift ideas for Christmas that don’t cost lots of money”

From humble dreams to reality


When I was a little girl I saw the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There is a part in the film where Snow White stumbles upon the cottage in the woods and sets about cleaning it up. When the dwarfs return from their days work they find their home spic and span, and a hot meal cooking on the stove. That scene resonated happiness for me. I didn’t realise it at the time but the notion of providing a warm, comforting, nurturing home for the family became my dream and now, at 50 years of age, it is still strong. Continue reading “From humble dreams to reality”

How I got married in 12 days

On Wednesday, August 16th my partner and I decided to get married. We chose Monday, August 28th as the marriage date because it was my 50th birthday. I figured if we got married on such a significant date the chances of my partner forgetting my birthday AND our wedding anniversary would be slim. (Yes, it was totally driven by self-interest!)

What this meant was that we had 12 days to pull everything together. The following is a list of what we did (and what we chose not to do) in order to make it happen. There is a countdown of tasks and a list of costs at the end of this post.

Continue reading “How I got married in 12 days”

Spring cleaning – the pantry

It’s officially still winter here in New Zealand but our incredibly mild weather is feeling all kind of ‘Spring-ey’ so of course I’m motivated to start on some spring cleaning. First up is the pantry.
It’s been a year since I organised the pantry and it was looking pretty unloved. Continue reading “Spring cleaning – the pantry”

Ugly is the New Pretty

Food waste is shockingly high. Changing our perception about what good food looks like, and what is acceptable, is a step we can all take to help reduce our own contribution to these statistics.

Why do all the fruits and vegetables look the same when we go shopping? Do you ever go to the store and see the rows of vegetables and fruits neatly stacked building a pyramid of oranges or apples? This is what I grew up seeing as a child and still see this as an adult. I never thought about these displays until this morning when I read an article from National Geographic. I highly recommend reading it!

53% of Food is Wasted

When you sit back and look at the world, around 800 million people are hungry and 53% of food is wasted (National Geographic). That 53% includes anything from vegetables not picked and put on the truck to what we throw away in our fridge. We are all guilty of tossing that bruised apple we forgot about, right?

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